Corporate Uniform

  1. About Us

One of J-sport Vietnam core business is to develop and provide a tailor-made  uniform package of clothing, sportswear and accessories required within corporate, organization, company and more. We constantly upgrade our product offering of first-class uniforms and corporate clothing in ways that enable you to improve the customer experience.

Our premium uniform solutions boast custom and ready-made clothing packages that can be tailored to incorporate your branding elements. From corporate uniforms to team sportswear, the comfortable styles allow your staff to move freely while a chic, stylish look is a common feature across our product offering, highlighting a professional look and corporate image and brand identity. Our showroom of tailored uniforms and team wear clothing will give you an idea of our product range.

  1. Why our design could fit your company or corporate Uniform

Corporate clothing solutions need to merge a comfortable wear with a professional appearance, as well as highlight the corporate identity in a stylish yet personal fashion. 

We can help you bring your visual identity to life with corporate clothing for your staff that looks great, stands out and builds your corporate brand. 

You can customize our business wear solutions to create a personalized uniform package that meets all staff needs and features design, colors, fits and details unique to your brand.

We offer to manufacture corporate wear outfits according to your design sketches – as well as match customized styles with our ready-made garments for a cost-reducing yet tailored look. 

Our design team will also assist you with creating the perfect corporate wear look for your staff, relying on years of experience in bringing corporate uniforms to life, and making them stand out. We also provide onsite fitting sessions to make sure the clothes fit perfectly and wearers are satisfied.

  1. Our Service Team (your uniform solutions)

We assist clients in every step of the process and our solutions comprise everything from design, development and planning to launch service and supply to corporations and organizations in Vietnam. All solutions are created in close collaboration with the client, starting by diving into color schemes, brand guidelines, and key requirements and transform these into patterns and specifications.    

We offer our expertise from initial thoughts, through design visuals, to identifying fabrics and creating a prototype. Following by production, delivery, we assist clients with forecasting, manage the supply chain. We call it complete uniform solutions from A to Z. 

  1. Our Designer Team

J-sport Vietnam has our in-house design team that will work closely with your corporate uniform’s design. All of our designers have years of experience, they are familiar with the materials and fabrics of the uniform designs and our manufacturing facilities are meeting most of the international standard. Who is producing for international brandings for exporting to U.S. and European’s market?

  1. Specialist with technology and equipment

J-Sport Vietnam is specialized in Teamwear and corporate uniform made to fit clothing. We have our in-house Designers, Specialist, and Technician that specializing in designing, cutting, sewing, embroidering, silk screening, sublimating and packing using the latest machineries that will create the best comfort and quality of customized uniforms.

  1. Materials and Fabrics that we offer

We offer most of the fabric available in the market, plus rare sporting micro fiber polyester materials for our customize uniforms. Therefore, you can choose the right fabric for your uniform, matching the color of your corporate theme in order to stand out from your competitor and building up your corporate branding and image.

  1. Global supplier network

We have access to a network of top quality specialist manufacturers around the world. All manufacturers comply with J-Sport Vietnam's Code of Conduct and quality specifications.  

  1. How can we help you?

Questions about our products or services? Our dedicated team is ready to guide you. We are just an email or phone call away.


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